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Delivered from the minds of the game developers, the world is made anew by 16 pipes of pixel pushing advancements in technology with the Sapphire RADEON X1800 XL. Challenge the mindsí perception of possibility and allow the power of RADEON X1800 XL to pluck you from your reality, transplanting you into a realm devoid of common considerations and entangled with a cold fight for survival amidst menacing figures rendered in true to life form with High Definition clarity. Utilizing the next generation Ultra-threaded Shader Model 3.0 and SuperAA breakthroughs, image quality has been revived with the Sapphire X1800 series of CrossFire compatible graphics cards. Leave behind you the days of trading image quality for a higher framerate as the onboard 256MB of GDDR3 memory and 256-bit memory interface remove bottlenecks affording you the power to select all of enhanced image rendering options. Fuel your fantasy with the muscle of the Sapphire RADEON X1800 series and step into a world of vibrant textures that erupt on screen in real time as you make your way to your destiny, and leave behind reality.


Sallandnummer 16538 (link permalink)
Merk Sapphire
Type VGA Radeon X1800 XL
Fabrikantnummer 21069-00-50
EAN 0000000000000
Garantie 1 jaar
Link naar fabrikant Klik hier link naar fabrikant
Te vinden in PCI Express


Chipset Radeon X1800 XL
Geheugen 256 MB
Type geheugen GDDR3
Geheugen snelheid 1000 MHz
Interface PCI-E x16
DVI 2 x
D-sub Nee

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