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Anycom BSH-100 Stereo Headphone


Headset Bundel Wireless + Bluetooth USB

The ANYCOM BSH-100 Stereo-Headphone with Bluetooth wireless technology is intended to give you many applications: Listen to music in digital quality, use it for chat or gaming, and switch over to talk hands free on your cell phone. You can connect to your favourite MP3 player, PDA or entertainment center. Its ergonomic, light-weight design enables the user to wear it for long periods of time - perfect for jogging and travelling.

Connect to your music device: More and more devices like MP3 players and SmartPhones will be able to send MP3 files over the Bluetooth A2DP profile to the ANYCOM Stereo-Headphone BSH-100. For the I-Pod Nano an additional Bluetooth adapter is available now. The music device can be controlled by the buttons on the headset for volume, title selection and pause.

Headset for your Bluetooth phone: With the attachable microphone the ANYCOM BSH-100 Stereo-Headphone will also work as a Bluetooth headset with your mobile phone. When a call comes in it will stop the music and resume it after hanging up.

Gaming and chat: ANYCOM BSH-100 Stereo-Headphone can also be used for popular applications like online gaming, chat or Voice-over-IP telephony. For the connection with a PC please use a Bluetooth USB adapter with A2DP Profile support like the ANYCOM USB-200.

The exchangeable battery will run for up to 12 hours talk time and can be recharged over the power supply or an USB charging cable (both supplied with the product).


Sallandnummer 100345 (link permalink)
Merk Anycom
Type BSH-100 Stereo Headphone
Fabrikantnummer BSH-100
EAN 7801586500624
Garantie 1 jaar
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