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AC Ryan HIFX Evolution Zwart


24K Gold-plated Connector Head
24K Gold is gold in its purest form. Gold-plating protects the connector from corrosion so the connector lasts longer and also reduces contact resistance - Promises better quality Audio / Video / Data, durability of equipment and enables longer cables.

Double-Molded Connector Housing
Strong and hard connector housing protects the cable connection from repeated hard knocks and high shocks for a long time. Inner molding keeps the connectors firmly in place to prevent loosening or disengagement on points where cable wirings are soldered to the connector.

EMI-Shielded Connector
Thick, hard, double molded housing shields from EMI interference. Many cables focus on shielding the cable, but left out the connector shielding, exposing an Achilles´ heel. A well shielded connector housing is equally important.

Solid Neck
Keeps wiring to connector firmly in place. Most cables use a "turtle neck" design that allows movement for the cable where the connector ends. This movement is the number 1 cause for cable failure - the cable movement creates stress on the cable-connector contacts and breaks. Our connectors are designed with a solid neck to restrict this movement and protect the cable-connector contact, and yet the neck length is designed to be short enough for flexible freedom of movement.

Triple Shielding
Protects against EMI Electromagnetic Interference. Protecting the cable from EMI interference is very important to performance. HDMI / DVI / DisplayPort cables, there are high bandwidth signals packed very closely into a thin cable (thin for the amount of data it is transferring), and so they are especially sensitive to the slightest interference.

High Density Sleeving
Protects the cable.
Strong, thick, dense sleeving is not just for looks, also serves a practical purpose of protecting your cable from wear and tear.

GroundShieldTM (patent pending)
Maintains a clear ground signal. The new generation cables are carrying so much data at super high speed in fine thin wires that they are very sensitive any nearby electrical signals. These electrical signals are causing interference to the ground which forms the base of the signal. With a distorted ground, no matter how stable the data signals are, the whole transmission is distorted and disrupted. Our engineers have discovered this in our research; the result is our pioneering GroundShieldTM (patent-pending) cable design to protect the ground. The stable ground provides a firm basis to give undisrupted transmission over even longer lengths. HDMI ver 1.3 design specifications states a max. length of 7.5m for HDMI cable (i.e. without our GroundShieldTM technology). With our GroundShieldTM, we have produced cables performing to HDMI ver 1.3 standard at 25m~30m.


Sallandnummer 115370 (link permalink)
Merk AC Ryan
Type HIFX Evolution
Fabrikantnummer ACR-DV60010
EAN 8717931010108
Garantie 1 jaar
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Aansluiting 1 HDMI
Aansluiting 2 HDMI
Lengte 2.0 m
Kleur Zwart


Levertijdindicatie: Op voorraad
Deventer: 1 op voorraad
Centraal magazijn: Geen voorraad
Leverancier: geen voorraad


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