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AC Ryan Roundcable Floppy 1 Dev, UVBlue, 0.45m 45 Cm



Round cables is the bread and butter of an improved performance PC. Imagine if you didn't have roundcables, would you ever have the space to install that ultra-large high performance cooler among the clutter of flat cables that just take up all the space. And installing flatcables in the microCubes and miniITXes would probably give you a week's headache and a sore elbow from all the twisting trying to get the flatcable where you want it to go. And would anyone be able to see the cool mods. Yes, without roundcables case windows, lightings and mods just doesn't make sense anymore.

Twisted Pair
- In a flatcable, a ground wire is lined next to each data wire to lower the electronic interference between the signals in each wire. This interference is one of the key deciding factors in the transmission speed that a cable is capable of. Instead of lining the ground and data wire next to each other, each pair of ground wire and data wire are twisted together in AC Ryan's roundcables. This improved deisgn reduces the interference significantly, resulting also in the possibility of extending the cable to 90cm.

Protective sleeving
- The sleeve protecs the cable from damage as well as wear and tear.

Movable endcaps
- The endcaps are designed to be movable so that the roundcable can easily be twisted and rotated. Installing the roundcables is a breeeeeze!

Improved airflow
- Thick flatcables take up space and block the airflow. No matter how many fans you have to move the air, the air doesn't go anywhere if they are blocked!!! Free up the clutter withroundcables and you will see immediately lower temperature with the better ventilation.


Sallandnummer 115685 (link permalink)
Merk AC Ryan
Type Roundcable Floppy 1 dev, UVBlue, 0.45m
Fabrikantnummer ACR-RC30096
EAN 8717931010962
Garantie 1 jaar
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Lengte 45 cm

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