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Arctic Alpine 11 Pro


Ultra Quiet Coolers for Intel Socket 1155/1156
The Intel Core i5 for socket 1156 is expected to be released in Q3. Multi-compatible with both the new sockets and 775, this new Alpine series is definitely a perfect choice for those who would like to go for a future-proof cooler.

Designed for silent-enthusiasts and system builders Alpine 11 Pro

Main features

Ultra quiet 92mm PWM fan with low noise impeller
Optimised heatsink efficient heat dissipation
Patented fan holder eliminates the buzzing sounds
Patented vibration absorption
Pre-applied MX-2
Easy installation with push pins

The Alpine 11 Pro is for users who look for an extremely quiet, high performance and easy-to-install cooling solution.

The Alpine 11 Pro features a more sophisticated acoustic design than the stock cooler. Thanks to the patented vibration absorption and fan holder, the cooler is barely audible only 0.4 Sone at 2,000 rpm a standard that the stock cooler cannot compete. With a 92mm PWM fan and a bigger heatsink design, the maximum cooling capacity of the Alpine 11 Pro achieves 95 Watts.

Moreover, the unique mounting system is very user-friendly and provides an absolutely transport safe solution. The cooler is fastened by screws, no back plate is necessary nor has the mainboard to be disassembled. The whole installation can be done in less than a minute. This is a totally peace of mind solution for Intel users.


Sallandnummer 175231 (link permalink)
Merk Arctic
Type Alpine 11 pro
Fabrikantnummer ALPINE 11 PRO
EAN 0872767002456
Garantie 1 jaar
Link naar fabrikant Klik hier link naar fabrikant
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AM2/AM2+/AM3+ nee
1366 nee
775 ja
939 nee
940 nee
771 nee
754 nee
479 nee
478 nee
604 nee
Socket A nee
Socket F nee
Socket T nee
Materiaal Aluminium, koper
Min. luchtstroom Niet bekend
Max. luchtstroom 36,7 CFM
Min. geluidsproductie Niet bekend
Max. geluidsproductie Niet bekend
Min. rotatiesnelheid 500 rpm
Max. rotatiesnelheid 2000 rpm
Afmetingen ventilator 92 x 92 x 25 mm
U hoogte N.v.t.
1155/1156 Ja
FM1/FM2 Nee
2011 Nee
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