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Alphacool Thermosensor Push/Plugin 10mm


A sensor which is used simply in available push/plug-in systems with 8/6mm (8mm external diameter) hoses. Push/plug-in SMS temperature controller with cable and 2-pin connection. This model is similar to the used sensors of the thermometers which are available in shop, as well as to the Digital Doctors, etc. This sensor can be universally applicable to other devices as well.
Worldwide the first PUSH IN temperature sensor!... integrable with T-piece in each PUSH IN system!!! Completely vacuum sealed. Completely zinc plated - no corrosion problems! Exchangeable and compatible with all push-in systems! Full function with any PC temperature indicator, which is compatible with Standard PC temperature indicators! Control your PC independent of the BIOS sensors: this is a double protection, similar to the well-known "redundancy" (double safeguard) of the profi area.
Long connecting cable (80cm), also suitable for Big Tower!


Sallandnummer 26068 (link permalink)
Merk Alphacool
Type Thermosensor Push/Plugin 10mm
Fabrikantnummer 17505
EAN 4250197105736
Garantie 1 jaar
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