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AC Ryan Screwz


Screwz™ for power supply fans, Gold / 8pcs ACR-CB3923

8 pcs screws for power supply fans.

You get 8 pcs in a set for a typical 2-fan power suppy.

Dont ask us why but power supply fan screws are NOT the normal kind of screws - they are a bit bigger in diameter and not easily available at your local hardware store.

Say you are happily modding your power supply fan (yeah - add that awesome lighted fan ... hint: read as AC Ryan Blackfire4 fans), and one of those little screws decides to play hide-and-seek with you. And you know how it is, they always win and you will never find them again. Well, here you are Screwz for power supply fans from AC Ryan for you.

And now you can even get them in colors to match your mod color theme. Yes, it's a pretty small detail - and you know it's the attention to details that brings stuff alive.


Sallandnummer 41421 (link permalink)
Merk AC Ryan
Type Screwz
Fabrikantnummer ACR-CB3923
EAN 0000000000000
Garantie 1 jaar
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