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Performance for demanding workloads Match tough workloads with the right fit server platform, and realize superior performance in memory and compute intensive workloads. Consistent platform that scales: Take control now with Direct Connect 2.0 architecture consistency, including power, virtualization and memory innovations, and socket compatibility with planned AMD Opteron™ 6200 Series processor. Business value without compromise: Gain advantages normally reserved for high-end systems, with exceptional value, low total cost of ownership, and generational consistency. Target: Enterprise Class 2-way and 4-way Servers * Twelve-core and Eight–core, L2 – 512K/core, L3 - 12MB of shared L3 Cache * AMD CoolCore™ technology, AMD PowerNow!™ technology, Enhanced C1 state, AMD CoolSpeed technology, APML (in APML enabled platforms) * Quad-Channel LV & U/RDDR3, ECC, support for on-line spare memory * Supports up to 3 DIMMs/channel, up to 12 DIMMS per CPU * Planned platforms 2P/2U, 2P Tower, 4P rack, 4P Blade


Sallandnummer 743460 (link permalink)
Merk AMD
Type Opteron 6168 (12 Core)
Fabrikantnummer FOWOGECTKW8616SO
EAN 8042623410370
Garantie 1 jaar
Link naar fabrikant Klik hier link naar fabrikant
Te vinden in Socket G34


Socket Socket G34
Snelheid 1.90 GHz
L2 Cache 12x 512kb
L3 Cache 12 MB
Aantal bits 64 bits
Uitvoering Tray
Bijzonderheden Zonder koeler
Videochip excl. Videochip
Max. Geheugen Snelheid 1333 Mhz
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