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Stay a step ahead of threats to your PC with fast, powerful protection. Norton AntiVirus™ 2011 detects and eliminates viruses, spyware, and other threats lying in wait to infect your PC, so you can chat, email, and share files safely. It provides rock-solid protection against hidden threats lurking in downloads, emails, and instant messages without slowing down your PC’s performance. The result? You’ll spend less time waiting for slow scans that bog down your computer and have more time to chat, download your favorite tunes and videos, and hang out at social networking sites.


- FREE support: Get help and answers by phone, email, live chat, or online whenever
you need it.
- Email and instant message monitoring: Scans email and IMs for suspicious links,
attachments, and other tricks cybercriminals use to steal your identity and your
hard-earned money.
- Silent Mode: Puts alerts and noncritical updates on hold when you’re watching
movies or playing games in full-screen on your PC.
- Smart Scheduler: Runs scans and updates only when you’re not using your PC.
- Norton Bootable Recovery Tool: Creates an emergency CD/DVD/USB that gets you
back up and running even if your PC has become so infected that it won’t work
properly or even start up.
- Vulnerability Protection: Stops cybercriminals from using security holes
(vulnerabilities) in applications to sneak threats and crimeware onto your PC.
- Monthly Report: Tells you what Norton AntiVirus has done in the previous month to
keep you safe from threats.
- Power Saver Settings: Maximizes your laptop’s battery life by putting off noncritical
activities until your computer is plugged in.
- Bot detection: Blocks the automated programs cybercriminals use to take control of
your PC, access your private information, and use your computer to send out spam
and launch attacks on other PCs.
- Worm protection: Safeguards your PC against fast-spreading Internet worms and
prevents you from accidentally passing them on to others.
- Rootkit detection: Finds and removes deeply embedded crimeware that can hide
other types of threats and allow cybercriminals to take control of your PC.


Sallandnummer 907007 (link permalink)
Merk Symantec
Type Norton AntiVirus
Fabrikantnummer 21070481
EAN 0000000000000
Garantie 1 jaar
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Versie 2011
Taal NL
Uitvoering 3 user(s)
Toepassing AntiVirus


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Deventer: 1 op voorraad
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