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ARC-1201 (8-port PCIe x1 to SATA RAID Adapter) The Areca ARC-1201 SATA RAID adapter is a PCIe x1 bus to 8 x SATA disk array adapter. The ARC-1201 has two internal SFF-8087 ports and supports up to 8 SATA ll peripheral devices. It uses the same RAID kernel of its field-proven external RAID controller. When properly configured, the SATA RAID adapter can provide a high degree of performance and fault tolerance with data mirroring for maximum protection. The ARC-1201 is the industry's most compelling PCIe x1 to SATA ll RAID solution which economically delivers full-featured true hardware RAID to desktop and workstations as well as entry-level servers. Architecture 400MHz storage I/O processor PCI-Express x1 bus 128 MB DDR2 400 SDRAM Write-through or write-back cache support Support up to 8 SATA ll drives Multi-adapter support for large storage requirements BIOS boot support for greater fault tolerance BIOS PnP (plug and play) and BBS (BIOS bootspecification) support NVRAM for RAID event & transaction log Redundant flash image for adapter availability RoHS compliant RAID Features RAID level 0, 1, 10, 3, 5, 6, Single Disk and JBOD Multiple RAID selection Online array roaming Online RAID level/stripe size migration Online capacity expansion and RAID level migration simultaneously Instant availability and background initialization Automatic drive insertion / removal detection and rebuilding Greater than 2TB per volume set (64-bit LBA support) Greater than 2TB per disk drive support S.M.A.R.T disk drive monitoring for reliability Monitors/Indicators System status indication through HDD activity/fault connector and alarm buzzer SMTP support for email notification SNMP support for remote Manager Inband enclosure management ready RAID Management Field-upgradeable firmware in flash ROM In-Band Manager Web browser-based McRAID Storage manager via Http Proxy Server Hot key “boot-up” McBIOS RAID manager via BIOS Support Command Line Interface (CLI) Support controller's API library for customer to write its own AP Single Admin Portal (SAP) monitor utility HDD Stress Test (HST) utility for production Out-of-Band Manager Firmware-embedded Browser-based RAID manager, SMTP manager, SNMP agent and Telnet function via Ethernet port Support controller's API library for customer to write its own AP Operating System Windows 8/Server2012/7/2008/Vista/Server 2003/XP RedHat Linux SuSE Linux FreeBSD VMware (only driver package available w/o management utility) Solaris 10/11 x86/x86_64 Mac OS 10.4.x/10.5.x/10.6.x/10.7.x/10.8.x (EFI BIOS support)


Sallandnummer 1205162 (link permalink)
Merk Areca
Type ARC-1201
Fabrikantnummer ARC-1201
EAN 4712774410027
Garantie 1 jaar
Link naar fabrikant Klik hier link naar fabrikant
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Aantal apparaten 8
Interface PCI-Express

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€ 255,37 excl. BTW


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